Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Arrives Oct. 17

The Galaxy Note 4 will come in Charcoal Black and Frost White in the U.S.; other colors are available around the globe.
The Galaxy Note 4 will go one sale at all the major U.S. carriers Oct. 17, giving phone buyers a chance to compare Samsung’s newest phablet directly against the iPhone 6 Plus.
The 5.7-inch Note 4 has an impressive 2560 x 1440 pixel Super AMOLED screen and a 16-megapixel camera with optical-image stabilizer. The Note comes with Samsung’s S Pen stylus.
The Note 4 isn’t waterproof like its smaller sibling, the Galaxy S5, but it does have another superpower. This fall, it becomes the engine for the Gear VR headset, a virtual-reality scuba mask powered by Oculus technology that lets you immerse yourself in nature scenes, space battles and Matrix-like environs without leaving your chair. You can even use it to watch the equivalent of a 65-inch TV, though the resolution isn’t as good as Samsung’s curved 4K flagship. (The Gear VR will be sold separately; Samsung hasn’t yet announced its price or specific ship date.)
There’s no word yet from Samsung on the Note Edge, a variant of the Note 4 with a screen that cascades down the right side, for at least one really useful purpose.