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Cyber Security and Its Importance

Hello Sofiane!

Cyber security and cyber attack, people have a great concern for these two words. 

Think about the world of 500 years ago! Nope, very tough to figure it out if you compare with this post-modern world. People have passed thousands of hours and kilometers away to complete a conversation of a single sentence. Can you imagine now where are we living! Being habituated, we can’t pass a single moment without technologies. Technology becomes pulse in blood.

In every step except building relations and belief of everyday life, we use technologies, especially the Internet Technology. For surviving in a long run with internet technologies requires a secure environment in cyberspace.

Latest, Best and Top Android Apps

When you have a brand new smartphone in hand, customization that new mystery with best android apps will draw most attention like you take food in everyday life!

Exactly! Right now I am reading your mind. So, at the very first please decide which types of apps you like most. Look good- Feel good. If you have this Android device for the first time, be careful. Peeking up exact and free or affordable apps can provide an exceptional experience.

I will show some important and top Android apps that can be used to simplify your everyday life.

1. Solid Explorer File Manager

An easy way to manage your files and documents.

This apps provides you 2 weeks of free trial and after that you will cost £1.50. Easy to use for its simple UI(User Interface). Moreover, it offers a cloud system facility so that you can easily handle your file here and there. With its fingerprint locking system you can keep your files secure perfectly.

Top, Best and Latest Android apps

Hi again! I am introducing you to the best, latest and top Android apps. So let's check out the apps and their details.

Diving into categories given below I will show you these applications.

Browsers Security

  • Dolphin (free)
  • Firefox (free)
  • Opera (free)
  • Yelp (free)
  • Orfox (free)

  • Orbot (free)
  • Avast Antivirus (free)
  • LastPass ($12)
  • Net Nanny ($12.99)
  • Norton Family Parental Control ($49.99)
  • NordVPN ($8)

World Top and Latest News Updates

Hey there, here are some top news and latest news updates for you around the world.

In last few hours, thousands of incidents happened around the world. We peek some news around the world for you.

"Taliban killed 13 policemen in Southern Helmand province in Afghanistan". But it's not their official declaration.

"5 North Korean officials have been executed" - according to CNN.

"Jolla, an OS developer company announced their new Sailfish OS for Sony Xperia".